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Top Televisions for 2020

Televisions have become a staple household item. And with so many options from various television brands, selecting the right one can become a little overwhelming! We have put together the

Top 5 Sanitising Products

It is so important to keep sanitising products stocked up in your workplace. There are lots of simple methods for keeping surfaces, equipment, and employees clean so we have put

Top 5 Hi-Vis Jackets

Hi-Vis Jackets are essential work wear items across almost every industry. They are one of the most popular and required PPE supplies. To help you keep employees safe, we have

Supporting Small Businesses: Training Day

Our latest small business we would like to support is Training Day based in Fraserburgh. With gyms closing due to COVID-19, this has been a particularly difficult time for many

Supporting Small Businesses: Rubycom

At Fairwayrock, we firmly believe in supporting other small businesses in this uncertain time. Rubycom are a local company who work to improve financial performance for their clients. They offer

The Ultimate Chainsaw Guide

You don’t need a licence to operate a chainsaw. So save yourself time and money in the garden by trying your own! It’s not only useful in domestic garden clearance

Best Freestanding Freezer

Freezers are essential white goods in most households. But with so many on the market, how do we know which is the best freestanding freezer? To help you out, we

Working From Home Top Tips

Working from home is something many of us will be starting over the next few weeks. It certainly has its high points, but it also comes with challenges. Productivity can

Best Computer Desk

A computer desk will become essential as more people begin to adapt to working from home. We have seen lots of you on instagram setting up work stations at dining

How To Transform Spare Room into Home Office

With government advising us to work from home as much as possible due to the coronavirus, many of us will be converting our spare rooms into a home office. Working

Coronavirus Essentials For Business

Coronavirus has seen supermarket shelves completely emptied. Toilet roll shortages, soap unavailable, and don’t even start on hand sanitisers… Thank you very much COVID-19. We know you are all fed

Which Storage Cabinet Should My Workplace Get?

The correct storage cabinet can be a game-changer in a workplace. Everything messy and disorganised? Nightmare. People do not feel so ready to start their jobs and morale can be

What is Fairwayrock?

Fairwayrock believes in the right to fair trade, and trade can only be fair if it is transparent. Our ecommerce website will simplify the procurement process by housing all suppliers and millions of products on one platform. We will support industry aims of cost efficiency, by introducing new suppliers and creating a competitive and quality driven retail market. Fairwayrock will be the largest online marketplace for consumables and equipment anywhere in the world.

We have made this website for the buyers, who will now have direct access to the products they require, ridding the market of lengthy procurement processes. Procurement processes increase overall costs and reduce time efficiency, our platform will solve these two problems by showcasing all providers and products on one, easy to use platform.