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Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Presents

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It’s suddenly a few weeks until Christmas and you still haven’t got your partner, your mum, your sister or, actually, anyone anything yet? You are definitely not alone. And don’t worry, because we’ve got your back. Read on to find the perfect gift for her which will make her very happy this Christmas, and show her how much you care.

But where to start? Do you get a meaningful present? A funny present? A gadget? Something practical? Well, to help, we have come up with the top 10 gifts for her. This is based on shopping trends throughout the year and popular present ideas from last Christmas. Start by having a look through this list, which covers a range of ideas from funny to meaningful.

10. Apple Watch

With 49% of people in the UK owning an iPhone, it makes sense that the apple watch is also so popular. This is also an easy one, as you’ll know whether or not she already has one. It is also the type of gadget that most people will want, so is the perfect type of item to surprise them with!

You can buy the apple watch from prices starting as low as £199!

Apple Watch with White Sports Band

9. Glitter Gin Necklace

For the girl who just LOVES Gin!! This humorous but glam necklace from designer Tatty Devine is handmade in the UK. It’s pretty wacky, original and unique but makes a spot on gift for the right person. What we love about it is although it is good fun, it is actually wearable and perfect for all those Christmas & New Year parties!

You can also buy this glitter gin brooch which is similar. Both are £40 but for the high quality of the item and the fact it has been handmade in the UK, we feel this is reasonable for a great gift.

Glitter Gin Necklace

8. Pamper Day For Two Deal

Does she deserve a bit of chill and pamper time? Giving the gift of a spa day has seen a rise in popularity over the last 3 years. It gives something exciting to look forward to during the cold, wet winter months. It is also the ideal gift for someone who already has everything the need or want. This voucher is with Virgin.

Pamper Day for Two Experience Deal

Virgin Active Health Clubs are scattered all over England. You’ll each enjoy one treatment of approximately 40 minutes from the following:
Facial with head massage
Facial with hand massage
Back, neck and shoulder massage with head massage
Back, neck and shoulder massage with leg massage
Use of the facilities

If you like the sound of giving the gift of an experience, but not a pamper day, there are also other options. These include Hot Air Balloon Rides, Afternoon Tea Vouchers, among many more.

7. Sports Wear

New year, new sports clothes. Sundried is one of the most popular up-and-coming brands in sportswear. You can also get 30% off Sundried items by using code VC30 at checkout. This present is great for someone who enjoys sports or going to the gym, or someone who is fashion-forward and enjoys finding new brands.

These Sundried Running Leggings are Fairwayrock’s Bestselling item. However there is a range of sportswear, equipment and accessories. These include hoodies, sports bras and eco-friendly coffee cups. A lot of their clothes are also sustainable and made from recycled plastic bottles, such as this eco-friendly sports t-shirt. This means the brand is also encouraging sustainable lifestyles which is important!

Sundried Ruinette 3.0 Women's Leggings

6. Practical Gloves

One of these gifts that you always need when it’s cold. And in the UK that means pretty much all of winter, spring and autumn. This makes this present a cheap yet practical idea for absolutely anybody. Often, the gloves used most are the practical ones which are good quality and do a great job of keeping your hands warm.

This is why we have chosen these evvor fleece lined gloves as our recommended gloves. They are a bargain at £6 (reduced from £18) and will not only keep your hands cold, but are also pretty with pearls stitched on. They come in black, grey, red and navy. These also make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for her.

If you are happy to pay a little more for gloves, the Jack Wolfskin Aquila Gloves for Women are an excellent choice at £25. While more expensive, they are also suitable for sports and skiing so are guaranteed to keep her warm and cosy. They also look lovely being a nice fun pink colour!

5. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

This present is a little out there. But listen to what we have to say! While over the last couple of years everyone a drone, it seems as if this year the electric scooter will be overtaking that trend for 2019/2020. The electric scooter was one of the most searched topics on Google this year. It’s a new trend, it’s a fun gadget, and definitely something you will also be able to benefit from! It’s the latest item to storm the marketplace, and one we think will last.

Not only is it good fun and brings back the nostalgia of childhood memories, but it is also actually quite practical. This bestselling scooter reaches 15mph, can travel for 18 miles, can be folded up for portability, is a lot more environmentally friendly than a car and only takes 5 hours to charge. The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter in white is also available.

If you are looking to spend a bit more and get a higher range electric scooter, we recommend the InMotion LF8 Electric Scooter. It is just over £100 more than the Xiaomi Model but reaches 30mph and can travel for 35 miles, while also taking 5 hours to charge.

Electric Scooter

4. Hunter Wellies

These iconic Hunter welly boots are selling very quickly this winter! The original set in navy have been most popular, but they are also available in a range of other colours and patterns. There is a reason these boots are so popular. These welly boots should last for years and people who buy them once tend to buy them again when their old pair wear out!

Womens Hunter Original Tall Wellington Boots

We also have Hunter Backpacks available to purchase on the website. These are good fun, colourful and high quality bags which are perfect for her if she loves exploring the outdoors. This bag also comes in a range of other colours and is under £50 so is great for family.

Hunter Rucksack pink

3. Michael Kors Lana Tote Bag

While Michael Kors bags have been popular Christmas presents for years now. They are reasonable prices for designer handbags and look gorgeous. The Michael Kors Red Lana Bag particularly stood out to us, as it gives a bold and glamorous statement. But it is also available as the Michael Kors Tan Lana Quilted Bag which is more of a classic look which won’t go wrong if you are unsure whether or not she will like the red. The tan bag is a slightly larger size.

Both of these bags will last her very well as they are high quality, she can stash lots in them, and they look great!

You can also save a huge 20% on these with code X20, but be quick as they are selling fast!

2. Kånken Rucksack

Fjallraven Kånken Rucksacks have become a staple item for many since they were created in 1978. They have seen a rise in popularity on a global level over the last 5 or 6 years, due to their unique style and practical size. Their Nordic roots give this the perfect look for someone who loves to explore the outdoors, or needs a practical and comfortable rucksack for her work.

The Kånken Rucksacks come in a huge range of colours. We selected this one as it is currently in the sale for only £64, which is a bargain given you can usually expect to pay £80 for it! There are rucksacks with rainbow straps, purple heavy duty Kånken Rucksacks, mini Kånken Rucksacks… The range goes on! So take a browse, see what colours and styles you think she’d like, and purchase while some are still reduced in price!

Fjallraven red rust kanken rucksack

1. Vivienne Westwood Kika Ruthenium Earrings

THIS SEASON’S MUST-HAVE! We’ve reached number one, and we have selected them because they will be loved by any female. These Vivienne Westwood Kika Earrings are a little different to the usual with their unique blue and black stones. They are glamorous but wearable every day. They are a very versatile style which will suit people who like varying fashions.

Even better you can save 20% on these using code X20 on checkout. This takes them from £85 to £68! Buy these now before the discount code expires, and be sure to make someone very happy on Christmas day.

We hope this has helped you with choosing a great gift for her. And while you are browsing around for the perfect present, don’t forget you can add presents you would like somebody to buy you to the wishlist as a hint…!

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