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Good warm winter jackets are essential in this cold Christmas Season. At Fairwayrock, we know how important fashion is as well as practicality and we also know that value for money is important when choosing the right winter jacket. Therefore, we have put together our 10 best winter jackets to help you out.

10. Rab Alpine Jacket

The Mens Microlight Alpine Jacket from Rab is a comfortable and warm insulated jacket. It will work for a variety of outdoors activities from absailing or climing, to hiking and exploring forests. The jacket encapsulates a mini-stitch baffle construction which helps to capture as much heat as possible when the weather is colder. Hydrophobically treated down has been created within the jacket to resist rain for longer. This is ideal for the wetter winters we get in the UK! This jacket also comes with a 3 year warranty which is a super bonus to an already great jacket!

The Women’s Microlite Alpine Rab Jacket is also available for purchase.

Men's Alpine Jacket from RAB

These alpine jackets can be paired nicely with Hunter Mens & Ladies Norris Adjustable Field Wellington Boots for a good winter look. Both the jacket and these welly boots will last you for years!

9. Helly Hansen Waterproof Marine Style Sailing Crew Jacket

The Helly Hansen Marine Style Sailing Crew Jacket is a great versatile jacket which is ideal if you are doing sport which will be vulnerable to wind and water. It will ensure you are comfortable with its adjustable cuffs, hip-length cut and good sized zipper pockets. With Helly Tech Protection, this breathable wind and waterproof jacket is an excellent choice. It is also lined for comfort and dries quickly.

Helly Hansen Waterproof Jacket

8. Trespass Womens Rosario DLX Insulated Waterproof Parka Coat

This Trespass parka jacket has been one of our women’s bestsellers this month. The faux fur hood is adjustable and can be removed when required. The jacket is waterproof and windproof. This therefore makes the jacket a great choice for outdoor activities in winter such as walking or trekking. It has two lower pockets and 2 chest pockets adding extra practicality measures.

Trespass Waterproof Parka

A good equivalent available for younger girls is the Regatta Girls Haloma Waterproof Breathable Walking Parka Coat. This jacket will keep girls warm in school.

7. Moncler Metge Windbreaker Jacket

This jacket is certainly around the higher price range of our winter jackets available. However we felt it important to include this jacket in our shortlist as it has been a bestseller designer item. The Moncler Augert Hooded Down Jacket is another ‘Most Popular’ designer item on the site. It will be exceptional for keeping you warm in the cold weather with its down and fur hood. However it is, again, amongst the higher price range.

Moncler Metge Windbreaker Jacket

6. Men’s Evolve II Triclimate Jacket

Technical and sporty, The North Face Men’s Evolve II Triclimate Jacket combines a waterproof HyVent shell with a removable soft fleece inner. The HyVent shell is waterproof, breathable and seam sealed for excellent protection in wet weather. The inner jacket provides warmth and comfort in cool weather, both jackets have soft brushed chin guard linings for excellent comfort. This 3-in-1 jacket serves its purpose in all weather as you can wear just the hooded shell in the rain or combine it with the warm insulated fleece liner in colder conditions. This jacket is another bestseller at Fairwayrok, and we would class it as an essential.

North Face Evolve Jacket

5. Fairmont Winter Jacket

If you’re the kind of guy who like to takes the long way home in the cold snow and the icy winter wind, the super warm and windproof Mens Fairmont Jacket from Jack Wolfskin is the jacket for you. When designing this jacket, the focus was on minimal weight and maximum insulation, which is why it features a high performance duck down fill. You can feel the warmth as soon as you put the jacket on. The windproof outer fabric improves the insulation performance. The jacket can be worn with or without the hood. Just zip it off when you don’t need it. A Fairmont Warm Synthetic Windproof Down Jacket is also available for only £10 more. This adds in an extra layer of warmth from a standard Fairmont jacket.

Jack Wolfskin Jacket

It is also important to note that these jackets look great styled with Helly Hansen Mens Fremont Waterproof Nubuck Leather Boots.

4. Barbour Kyle Wax Jacket

The Kyle Jacket is made from a waxed cotton outer with a warm brushed cotton lining. Featuring side-entry bellows pockets and higher pockets for hand-warming, it has a button-close storm placket, corduroy shoulder patches and adjustable stud cuffs. Barbour Jackets have always been popular for their classic style and practicality, however there has been a rising trend to purchasing them in recent years. This jacket is also currently in the sale, giving you extra value for your money!

Barbour Kyle Wax Jacket

3. Fjallraven Singi Winter Jacket

The Men’s Singi Winter Jacket is a reliable companion for longer treks. It is lightly padded at the torso for excellent insulation and is longer at the back for better coverage. The shoulders and the lower back have been reinforced with G-1000 Heavy Duty fabric for better durability against abrasion. The main body is made with G-1000 Original fabric which is highly versatile while providing effective protection against the elements. A drawcord at the waist cinches in any dead space to help keep you warmer while this also helps to reduce bulk encouraging more freedom of movement. A large hood is adjustable and has a foldable visor which helps to protect you from bitter winds while several large pockets provide plenty of storage and are accessible even when wearing a rucksack.

Fjallraven Winter Jacket

While this is in the premium price range of jackets, we still give it the recognition because you will struggle to find a jacket quite so cosy! Fjallravenis the brand to go for if you love exploring outdoors. You can also pick up your Kanken Rucksack at Fairwayrock, giving you the complete Fjallraven look!

2. Rab Nebula Pro Jacket

The Men’ss Nebula Pro Jacket from Rab is a versatile, water resistant synthetic down insulated jacket that will keep you comfortable and warm while you are outdoors. It is made from Pertex Quantum Pro Shell fabric which is water resistant and quick drying. What makes this jacket particularly special is its versatility. It is super lightweight yet particularly warm for a synthetically insulated jacket. This means that you can wear it for so many different activities, from hiking up cold mountains (of course with a hat and scarf on too!) or quickly pop it on for driving in to town. While this jacket is a little more expensive than other good ones, we still see it as good value as we would expect this to last you years. There is also a 3 year warranty included on this item.

Mens Nebula Pro Jacket

1. Didricksons Men’s Marcus Parka

Our top recommended winter jacket surprisingly comes from one of the lesser known brands available on Fairwayrock! But this jacket rises up as best in terms of warmth and value for money. While it is not as lightweight as some of our other jackets, it will be sure to keep you warm in the cold weather! It is also a little different to the normal brands, so if you like to stand out from the crowd we think this is the one for you!

Mens Marcus Parka

All of the jackets featured in this article will be great options. The key is finding the one most suitable for you. We hope that based on the information given, you will be able to come to an informed choice of what to buy. Below are some helpful answers to any questions you might have, and help you decide even further.

Some Useful Winter Jacket Questions, Answers and Tips

Is Down or Synthetic Insulation Best?

Both synthetic insulation and down have their advantages. The main differences are that down is lighter than synthetic insulation so will keep you warmer with less bulk. It is also more durable than synthetic insulation so will last you well. But synthetic insulation is water resistant so will keep you warmer for longer, dries faster than down and is less expensive.

What does Gore-Tex Mean?

Gore-Tex is a membrane which is made from expanded Teflon. Fibres and the membrane are bonded together with over 9 million pores per square inch. This makes Gore-Tex jackets some of the most windproof and waterproof available.

It is also light-weight, so is used in many of the most popular brands of jackets. It is one of the most effective materials in the jacket market.

You can also find many Gore-Tex walking boots available. This has the same effect as jackets, and will keep your feet dry on some boggier hikes!

Pockets… You’ll Love Them

Some jackets available such as RAB jackets have amazing pockets! Especially if you spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities such as hiking, you will need pockets. It really is important to consider how much a jacket pocket will be able to hold, as having somewhere to stash extra equipment (or snacks!) could make a huge difference.

How To Know The Right Fit of The Winter Jacket

When you are trying on your jacket, it’s worth sticking on a few layers or cosy hoodie on underneath. When you are using it out and about, it is likely you’ll be chilly in winter so wrapped up well. Be open to trying on the size up from what you would normally wear, as it is important you feel comfortable in your new jacket!

This doesn’t matter so much if you just plan to buy a cosy jacket for nipping around every-day-life in winter.

Hoods Are Helpful

We hate to break it to you – but the myth that you loose half of your body heat through your head is incorrect. In actual fact, it is only 7-10% of your body heat you lose through the head. But that is still a significant amount when it’s cold and you’re halfway up a mountain.

Finding a good jacket with a hood will give you that extra layer of warmth, protecting you from winds even more. But if you don’t see a jacket you like with a hood, you can always wear a hat for winter!

Get a Jacket You Love

Find a jacket you love. Even if it is a little more expensive, you often get what you pay for. You want one which you know you’ll be happy to wear for a good few years, and will be durable enough to last you for that. But also get one which you like the look of not just because its fashionable at the time. This will also help you to not waste your money, saving you from buying another expensive jacket next winter.

Enjoy Winter!

To conclude, we hope you have found this article on jackets helpful. In the cold and windy weather, a good quality jacket can make all the difference no matter what age you are. You can keep up to date with our latest winter jacket deals on our social media pages. But our top tip is to relax and enjoy the winter season! There is definitely something satisfying about wandering through the forest on the crunchy leaves with the crisp winters air.

However, if you would rather stay at home watching Netflix with your cosy slippers and hot chocolate, we also won’t judge!

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