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Within industry, Request For Quotations (RFQs) are important for comparing unit prices of supplies. But Fairwayrock.com have just launched their excellent new RFQ scheme which will change the way procurement is carried out, making it a more cost-effective process. The process will be available for industrial products.

Fairwayrock.com was created to make trade more fair and transparent within industry. It cuts out the high number of procurement processes and the high costs associated with them. Their online marketplace has already seen great success in the UK and beyond by changing ‘the way things are done.’ Their new RFQ process should help customers find what they need even more easily!

To submit an RFQ online, the buyer simply needs to upload a document with their required items, and the team at Fairwayrock.com will match the order form to products on the website. If an exact match is unavailable, they will strive to find an equivalent. This will then be sent back to the customer, who can log on and purchase the equipment. This will make your purchasing so much quicker and easier.

We look forward to seeing how the request for information process will help with every day efficiency, and where it will develop further! To try out the new process, head to https://www.fairwayrock.com/rfq/rfq.php.

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