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Fairwayrock.com is the online marketplace which has been created for industry. Discover more about how we are transforming procurement processes to become more sustainable and cost-effective by following us on LinkedIn.

We have entered the market as a disruptive force which aims to support industry aims. These include cost efficiency, by introducing new suppliers and creating a competitive and quality driven retail market.

We have made this website for the buyers, who will now have direct access to the products they require. In addition, this is ridding the market of lengthy procurement processes. Procurement processes have traditionally increased overall costs and reduce time efficiency. But, our platform will solve these two problems by showcasing all providers and products on one easy to use platform.

Follow us on LinkedIn for:

  • Exclusive discount codes, saving you more money on tools and machinery
  • Unique offers across millions of products
  • First looks at new and innovative products which are revolutionising industry
  • Becoming part of our community, therefore starting your journey to become more cost-effective and sustainable
  • Also, a platform to connect with us and request new suppliers and products

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Discount Code to Start You Off…

As a thank you for connecting with us by following Fairwayrock on LinkedIn, we are offering you an initial discount code to get you started – and it’s a good one!!

Zoro is currently one of our largest industrial suppliers, and this month you can get £10 Off when you spend £100 on any of their products! Just use code ZAFFPR100 at the checkout.

You can find all the products supplied by Zoro here.

Fairwayrock The online Marketplace for Industry

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