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With the start of a new year comes some great DIY projects! And you’ll likely need some new power tools to get started. Or maybe you are a tradesman and feel it’s time to upgrade your tools again. Whatever projects you are undertaking, we are going to show you the top 10 power tools you’ll want in your toolbox for 2020. We have decided on these due to their quality and value for money.

1. Cordless Impact Drill

A Cordless Impact Drill is a power tool you are likely to already have if you are a seasoned DIY-er, and allows you to drill holes. It is one of the most versatile and important power tools and will be required for a whole range of projects, as well as simple tasks around the house. The Bosch Diy Psb 1800 18V Li-2 Impact Drill will be a powerful and practical option for you if you need a drill. By choosing a popular brand such as Bosch, you can easily purchase compatible metal drill bit sets.

If you are undertaking a harsher project such as light masonry, or need more options if you work professionally, we would suggest using a hammer drill instead. You can purchase an impact drill and hammer drill set. this will have you covered for a greater range of projects.

Bosch Diy Psb 1800 18V Li-2 Impact Drill

2. Circular Saw

Circular saws are used to cut materials such as wood, but rather than being mounted to a table, a circular saw is a handheld power tool. This makes it easier to use for a great range of products. It is also more cost effective and compact. You can also buy different circular saw blades which are robust and precise for range of prices dependant on the project. We recommend the Dewalt Dwe550-Gb 165Mm 1200W Compact Circular Saw 240V. This is because of the value for money. You are getting a very powerful and compact circular saw at a reasonable price.

Dewalt Dwe550-Gb 165Mm 1200W Compact Circular Saw 240V

3. Compact Router

Compact routers will help you create decorative edges, straighten edges or hollow out tough materials such as wood or plastic. Hand held routers are likely to be more versatile and useful for a variety of jobs. We like the Bosch Gkf 12 V-8 12V Professional Brushless Cordless Compact Palm Router because it is a lightweight and cordless power tool, giving you great control over your work while maintaining a high standard.

Bosch Gkf 12 V-8 12V Professional Brushless Cordless Compact Palm Router, 2 X 3.0Ah Battery Packs & Charger In L-Boxx power tool

4. DIY Multi-Function Tool

If you are pretty new to DIY and just plan on doing some light work, we recommend a DIY Multi-Function tool. This is a great cost-effective way of carrying out tasks such as routing, sanding, cutting or sawing. It is consistently high powered even under heavy loads. You can get interchangeable accessories for it which are very easy to attach.

The drawback with this tool is that the specialised individual tools will be better. Overall it works effectively and does a good job. But if you are needing to use tools on a regular basis to create precise outcomes, then this may not be suitable. For example, when sanding, we found that the sandpaper disks did fall off after around 10 minutes of use. However, if you are not using the tools frequently or professionally, this is a handy power tool for your collection.

The short video below is great for demonstrating how a DIY Multi-Function Tool could help you:

5. Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander allows you to sand without a pattern forming on the surface of the material you are working on. You are therefore able to sand without worrying about the direction of the grain. It also works quicker than a traditional orbital sander using the same sandpaper, as more material is removed. The Makita Bo5030/2 Random Orbital Sander 240V gives you a great sander for a reasonable price. This is idea for home DIY use. However, if you are looking for a powerful random orbital sander, we suggest purchasing the 3M 20315 75Mm Central Vacuum Random Orbital Sander. It comes at a higher cost, but has the strength and high power transfer ratio required for major tasks and frequent use.

3M 20315 75Mm Central Vacuum Random Orbital Sander power tool

6. Angle Grinder

Grinders are versatile power tools. They can grind metal and cut tile, stucco and pavers, and rout out mortar. They can also sand, polish and sharpen. Angle grinders are pretty much capable of doing everything a die grinder can, but it gives more power. Their cutting head is an angle to the drive shaft, giving them the name angle grinder. They tend to be a bit bigger than die grinders. They also have between 3 and 7 horsepower, compared to 1 horsepower for die grinders. You will probably need two hands to control it properly.

The Bosch Gws 18 V-10 Pc 18V 125Mm Connection Ready Angle Grinder With Paddle Switch is a great choice if you are frequently doing grinding for larger projects. It is durable and very powerful. If you are not needing this size and power of this angle grinder, we recommend the Bosch Diy Pws 700 115Mm Angle Grinder. It is a very compact and safe grinder and is under £40. It is still durable and work especially well for projects around the home.

Bosch Gws 18 V-10 Pc 18V 125Mm Connection Ready Angle Grinder With Paddle Switch Body Only Version power tool

7. Jigsaw

Jigsaws are one of the most important power tools to keep in your tool box. Jigsaws can cut materials such as wood and metal, and are the only portable power tools which can cut curves. This makes your work easier and quicker than using a hand-held coping saw. You can buy easily interchangeable jigsaw blades for cutting through stronger materials such as fibreglass and steel. If it is important to you for a more flexible work, cordless jigsaws are also available, but often come at a higher cost. One more fun use for a jigsaw – they make pumpkin carvings a breeze!

For extremely high performance, the Dewalt Dw331K-Gb 130Mm 701W Tophandle Jigsaw 240V is excellent. It cuts through the tougher materials effortlessly with its high power which has been made for heavy duty work. The Bosch Diy Pst 700 E Compact Jigsaw 500W is not as robust or powerful, but will still do a good job and last you well if you are looking for something smaller and under £50.

Dewalt Dw331K-Gb 130Mm 701W Tophandle Jigsaw 240V Power Tool

8. Cordless Rotary Tool

A rotary tool is very useful if you are doing small, precise work. Examples of common rotary tool jobs are grinding, sanding, polishing, filing and cutting. It is beneficial to purchase a cordless rotary tool as this will give you more flexibility with the job and move around without getting cords in the way. They usually run on AA batteries and have interchangeable parts. The likes of the popular Dremel F0132050Jb 240V Stylo+ Rotary Tool are also reasonably priced at around £50.

Dremel F0132050Jb 240V Stylo+ Rotary Power Tool

9. Miter Saw

A Miter saw will make a quick and accurate cut through almost any material at a verity of angles. Some, such as the Bosch Gcm 350-254 254Mm/10″ 1,450W Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw – 0 601 B22 660 have extreme power and speed so will cut through even the toughest metals safely and accurately. Their duel bevel function also allows it to swing left or right for cutting at the correct angles.

The miter saw is ideal for quickly making cuts in larger projects such as door frames or window castings. This tool is highly recommended for professional tradesmen such as joiners. Lower cost miter saws are also available for beginners. These are not so powerful and don’t tend to have the duel bevel function. However, they will still give a good clean cut. The Evolution Power Tools R210Cms, 210Mm Tct Multipurpose Compound Mitre Saw 240V is a good lower cost choice. It comes with a 3 year warranty and is good quality for the price.

Evolution Power Tools R210Cms, 210Mm Tct Multipurpose Compound Mitre Saw 240V power tools

10. Welder

Welders are necessary for fusing metals together. If you are a beginner, you will likely need more practice using it than you will with the other power tools. But once you start making neat welds, you will be able to use it for a whole range of jobs and projects. Welders are often used in an industrial setting, but can be great for DIY at home too.

For example, you can make some smart and modern industrial style furniture by creating metal frames. These are very much in style for 2020. We tried this with a shelf. We used the Gys 110A Smartmig 110, No Gas Single Phase Welding Machine With Fixed Torch 230V (Ref 033993) to build a stainless steel frame. We then used pine for the shelves. It looks excellent, and was not too difficult either. With welding, it is critical to ensure you are using the welder safely with the right welding protection accessories. Get a proper helmet such as the Kennedy Kwh100B Large View Welding & Grinding Helmet Black. This will protect your eyes from the bright flash given as you weld.

Gys 110A Smartmig 110, No Gas Single Phase Welding Machine With Fixed Torch 230V  (Ref 033993)

Time To Enjoy Your Power Tools at Work!

Now that you have selected some great power tools, it’s time to get to work.

When using power tools, we urge you to remember safety, especially for the likes of saws and welders. If you are needing to do a whole tool haul, you can easily get kits such as the Bosch L Bag 42 -18V 2X4.0Ah 1X8.0Ah Procore Li-Ion 4 Piece Robust-Series Power Tool Kit – 0 615 990 L0N which contain all the essentials for getting started. While it is a big initial cost, they are often more economical than purchasing all your major power tools individually.

We hope this article has helped you select some great power tools for 2020, and you enjoy working with them! Let us know in the comments what your top power tools are!

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