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In the UK, half of the population receive a gift they don’t like, resulting in a combined £5.03 billion spend on unwanted Christmas presents ( A typical household also spends an extra £800 during Christmas time (Bank of England).

We are in the midst of a climate disaster, an unstable economy, the need for food banks at its peak, and so many other problems we hear about every day in the news. And we urgently need to create change.

Therefore, we are appealing to you to try a DIY Christmas. Not only can this save money and reduce waste in our own lives and in the UK, but it also pushes towards more sustainable and eco-friendly living.

But how can we do this? Here are some ideas to get you started:

DIY Presents

Not only does this help reduce waste, but it is often more appreciated. It shows you have put in valuable time creating something, and really care about that person getting something personal to them. You can make some lovely ideas, such as woodwork craft. There are lots of Christmas gift and project ideas on Pinterest for all levels of DIY-ers. You may need to buy some tools, but you can get these at low prices, and they will last you for all your presents this year and more DIY projects you try in the future.

Top 5 DIY Christmas Present Ideas

1. Wooden Candle Holders

Candle holder diy log

For this, you’ll need to find some logs Use a saw to cut them to the desired height as shown in the picture, and sand paper down until smooth. You’ll then need to use an impact flatwood drill bit the size of tealight candles and an impact drill. Find the centre point of the log, and drill down to make a hole as shown. This should be about 4cm in depth. Place a tealight candle in the hole, and you have a gorgeous candle holder. Below are some more lovely variations of this idea.

We love the idea of the mini ones in the 3rd photo for work colleagues, stocking fillers or fundraiser event crafts.

2. Reindeer Chocolate Jars

Reindeer chocolate jars

This is a great idea for kids to make! It’s cheap, fun and easy. Find a mason jar, googly eyes, red pom poms, brown card, pipecleaners and some ribbon – you can get most of these resources in the likes of pound land. Cut the card to fit round the jar and stick on the eyes and pom pom nose with all-purpose clear glue. Fill with Malteasers and red M&Ms. Tie the ribbon round the lid, glue on the pipe cleaner antlers and that’s you sorted!

3. Living Room Side Table

living room diy side table

The Danish Hygge style has taken the UK by storm the last few winters. It’s about learning to be happy and satisfied by embracing the cold and making the most of it with cosy and homely interiors. We love this creative side table made from wood which has been cut, attached together with fastener screws and given a white-washed single coat of paint. It will help to give someone that warm, hygge look in their living room.

4. Hanging Shelf

DIY hanging shelf

This simple yet effective shelf is the perfect DIY house gift. All you need is some wood, an impact drill and drill bit and thick cotton twine. Drill narrow holes into the corners of the wood and tie through the string as shown. When we tried out this project, we just used the natural wood as we liked that for the room but you can paint it as shown in the photo.

5. Driftwood Lamp

DIY driftwood lamp

While this driftwood lamp looks ambitious, it is actually one of the easiest! We totally love it and think it makes the perfect Christmas present for family who you know will have a place for this in their home. You literally just need to go to the beach and have a wander for some drift wood. Then buy a hanging light bulb which gets twisted round the wood as shown. We just put ours in a place near a plug and leaned it against the wall. If you are more skilled, you could create a wooden base for it so it will stand up on its own accord.

DIY Christmas Decorations

These might be a bit more work than popping into your local Asda, but they can look great and will save a whole lot of plastic!! Whether it is Christmas Tree decorations or homemade crackers, you’ll find something you can make! Again, look to Pinterest for some inspiration (

As before with the DIY gifts we suggested, we have compiled our 5 favourite Christmas Decoration ideas.

Top 5 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Use Up Those Old Baubles!

Some cheap ideas for Christmas Tree Projects - Diana Phoneix

Is it just us that has a whole bag of old Christmas Tree Baubles in a supermarket bag for life in the attic which won’t end up on the tree this year? If you’re like us, then we’ve found the perfect use for them! All this fun wreath takes in old baubles, a metal wire coat hanger, ribbon and some fir branches! String the baubles on to the hanger as shown, attach at the top, and there you have it. A glamorous wreath for your home. We just encourage you reuse old baubles for this rather than buying new.

2. Oranges As Decorations? Yep – And They Look Great!

How beautiful do these look? They certainly have a much more rustic feel than the first DIY Christmas decoration, but we think they are very simple and effective. You just need to chop up the oranges into slices and dry them out on a radiator. You will need to wipe clean the radiators afterwords, but this will also give the house a nice Christmas orange smell! Once they have dried out, string them up in whatever way you choose around the house. This craft is also suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

3. DIY Christmas Hot Chocolate Station

DIY christmas hot chocolate station

We. Are. In. Love. How great is this Hot Chocolate Station idea? Whether you have kids or not, this is an ideal Christmas Eve treat. Get into your new Christmas Eve pyjamas, get a Christmas movie on, and get drinking that delicious hot chocolate. We can’t wait to get all cosy on the sofa with this. And then we won’t complain if it’s left up for Christmas Day…

4. Stitched Hessian Christmas Tree Decorations

stitched hessian christmas tree decorations

For some eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations, how about these? They only take a few minutes each, and just need some hessian or other fabric and twine. Cut out and stitch round as shown, and you can fill them with stuffing or cotton wool. If you wish, you could pop a little bell or bow on at the top.

5. Eco-Friendly DIY Wrapping Paper

Unfortunately, most wrapping papers are not actually recyclable. This massively contributes to the Christmas waste, and is unhelpful for the environment. One of the recyclable wrapping papers is brown paper. While this initially feels like a very dull and boring solution, just take a look at the images above and see what a great alternative it can become! There is a lot you can do to decorate it. It is also cheaper than a lot of colourful Christmas Wrapping papers. You can easily find more ideas, such as tying red string round the gifts, or painting the paper if you have a real artistic talent.

These are just a few ideas you could use to try out a DIY Christmas. While these are all small steps in helping climate change, if lots of us do them it can make a real difference! At, we would really love you to join us in welcoming these new ideas, and working together to reduce the excessive amounts of Christmas time waste which is present in the UK.

If you liked these ideas, you can also find out how to make your own DIY Christmas Tree.

Share with your friends, and let us know what DIY projects you are trying this year!

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