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A transmission is used in mechanics and is a machine that gives controlled use of the power within a power transmission system. The most common place you will find a transmission is in motor vehicles and is often called the gearbox. In this context, the transmission is fitted directly on the engine. It is a critical part in making the wheels of a car to drive. This is achieved by converting the force, rotation, and torque from the combustion engine to momentum. Some of the main components in a transmission are shafts, gears, and shift sleeves. You will find a variety of different bearings in an automatic transmission.

Bearings are machine elements frequently used in industry. They reduce friction by making movement easier through its rolling motion. There are usually inner and outer races. These are used for linear or shaft applications. Fairwayrock sells a range of bearing types for a variety of uses. These include roller and ball bearings, bushings, rod end bearings and ball joints, and deep groove bearings.

The most frequently used bearing globally is the single row deep grove ball bearing. They are very versatile with high performance standards.

On the most basic level, bearings can be bearing surfaces created or cut into a part. In this case, there will be differing control over the sizes, forms, locations, and roughness of the bearing surface. But bearings can also be separate to the machine part and are installed. When the application of a bearing is very accurate and precise, specialist high quality technology can be used to meet the demands.

At Fairwayrock, you can purchase a range of items within the bearings and transmissions categories at great prices. These transmissions and bearing supplies include bearings, timing belts, drive belts, roller chains, bearing housing units and pulleys & sprockets.

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