Tools is one of the largest and most popular categories at Fairwayrock. They are used in all industries. You can purchase tools such as cutting tools, power tools, hand tools, and machine elements.

Different tools have different basic functions. The main ways to classifications of these are cutting tools, moving tools, shaping tools, tools which result in chemical changes, fastening tools, guiding, and measuring tools, and information tools. Below is some helpful information on different types of tools used in industry and trade.

Hand tools are the most common type of tools available. They are powered manually by hand and have been used since the stone age. There are hand tools for DIY and professional use. You can also get hand tools for the garden. Hand tools include:

Power tools are also very popular. Unlike hand tools, power tools are powered by additional power sources and mechanisms to assist with manual labour. Generally power tools use electric motors, however there some which use sources such as fuel burning or steam power. The most popular power tools include:

Cutting tools are common in machining and are used to remove material from the work. This can be done in various forms such as milling, drilling, turning, or plaining. Often cutting tools are constructed to have inserts or replaceable tips. Cutting tools are usually classified as single point cutting tools, double point cutting tools, and multi-point cutting tools. Each of these are based upon how many main cutting edges are involved in cutting the material at a time.

Purchase any of these tools at Fairwayrock.com. You can compare tools and prices across suppliers and brands, finding the most suitable for you.

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