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What Is Fairwayrock Exports?

Fairwayrock Exports allows you to purchase industrial equipment and supplies from wherever you are in the world. Some of the most popular sectors we cater for include oil and gas, marine, drilling, and construction. However this is not the limit. Regardless of what sector you work in, you will be sure to find low cost industry supplies.

We know that Fairwayrock is going to be valuable to you. You're about to make massive cost savings compared to using traditional methods of procurement. Typically, industry purchasing comes with long processes and excessive costs. But we don't think this is fair. This is why we created a marketplace that allows you to conveniently order what you need. Products are sent to you directly from the suppliers and manufacturers. Prices are all shown upfront other than shipping costs. This is because we believe in transparency. The platform is also completely free for all buyers to use.

Simply add the items you require to the request for quotation (RFQ). Once you've done this, you can send the RFQ off. And within 1 working day, you'll receive the total cost including shipping. We strive to answer any questions you may have, or provide additional information you require.

What Industry Supplies Can You Buy On Fairwayrock?

Fairwayrock gives you hundreds of options, whether you are looking for a simple claw hammer or larger pieces of equipment such as air compressors. Tools are our most sold supplies due to the massive selection available. We want to help you find great deals on tools. Other popular categories include fasteners, abrasives, pneumatics & hydraulics, and electrical equipment. You will even find all sorts of office supplies to efficiently kit out your workplace. This includes desks, projectors, pens, and chairs. Conveniently, you can order all these items together using the RFQ system.

We are already saving other companies time and money when buying industry consumables. Join Fairwayrock today and be part of a community revolutionising the purchasing process in industry.

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