Galvin Green Dex Insula Snood/Bandana

Product Code: PS1810698
Seller: Scottsdale Golf
SKU: 1000681
Brand: Galvin Green


Warming snood/bandana/neckwarmer in Insula material Soft and stretchy material insulates body heat while allowing breathability Can be used at a hat, headband, snood or scarf Galvin Green and Insula l ... ogos Made from 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane. Machine washable   What will a Galvin Green Insula garment do for me?They are great warming layers. Galvin Green Insula garments are tight fitting with a 'waffle pattern' interior which contains air chambers. These chambers are designed to warm up by body heat and provide long lasting and effective thermal insulation. Additionally, Insula garments do not require any ironing to keep their shape and will continue to look good wash after wash. Read More

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Colour: Grey
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