06B-1 Roller Chain DIN818 7 - British Std (5MTR)

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Roller chains are manufactured to internationally recognised standards. European standards refer to the ISO/R 606-1982 (DIN 8187) while American standards refer to ANSI (DIN 8188). Roller chains are a ... vailable in simplex (-1), duplex (-2) and triplex (-3) and in a varying range of materials and plating options, such as stainless steel (SS), nickel plated (NP) and zinc plated (ZP). Attachments are also available along with connecting links (CL) and single (OL) and double (DOL) offset links. Chain Duplex Triplex American Standard Chain DIN8188/ISO 606 (ANSI B29.1) Simplex Duplex Connection Links Offset Connecting Read More

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