Greenbrook Wired White Black Bell Push Doorbell Switch Transmitter

Product Code: PS1577044
EAN: 5012739618369
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Brand: Greenbrook


.container a:link { color: blue; } .container a:visited { color: purple; } .container a:hover { color: red; } .container a:active { color: green; } Greenbrook Wired White Black Bell Push Doorb ... ell Switch Transmitter The Greenbrook DP220A-C Wired White with Black Outline Doorbell Push Transmitter is designed for use with all hard-wired doorbell systems powered by transformer by connecting via bell wire and mounting to surface with the provided screws. This simple yet sturdy product is ideal as a replacement for an existing Door Bell Push or as an additional switch to your existing Doorbell Chime System. This bell push can also be used with a majority of wire-free door chimes when used in conjunction with a DW070AN-C wire-free transmitter. Easy to install. Black body with White button. 1-24V 2A. Fixing screws included. Instruction Manual Comes complete with a 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty. This product is ideal for use with the popular Galaxy hard wired bell sounder by Greenbrook which has the traditional Ding-Dong. Read More

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