TP-LINK RE650 WiFi Range Extender - AC 2600, Dual-band

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Brand: TP-Link


Top features:- Extend your WiFi coverage throughout your home - Dual-band WiFi for a smoother connection for multiple users - 4x4 MU-MIMO technology for a more direct signal to your devices - Gigabit ... Ethernet port for a fast connection to Smart TVs and games consoles Extend your WiFi coverageUpgrade your internet connection and stretch your WiFi coverage further with the TP-Link RE650 WiFi Range Extender. Just plug it into a wall socket to extend your WiFi coverage by up to 14,000 square feet. With wider coverage you'll be able to go online anywhere in your home, without having to put up with a weak and laggy connection.Dual-band WiFiIf more than one person uses the internet at home, this can slow your WiFi down. The RE650 has dual-band WiFi to stop this from happening.It reduces network congestion, so you'll have a smoother connection and won't notice lag when more than one person is browsing the web or downloading movies from Netflix.4x4 MU-MIMO technologyThe latest 4x4 MU-MIMO technology simultaneously transfers data to multiple devices for performance that's up to four times faster. In addition to this, beamforming sends a targeted WiFi signal directly to devices instead of around them, creating a stronger connection.Gigabit Ethernet portA Gigabit Ethernet port provides a faster and more reliable connection to smart TVs, computers and games consoles. That way, your signal won't cut out in the middle of an online gaming session or while you're streaming movies. Read More

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