Liberon Garden Colour Care Decking Paint Gun Metal 2.5 litre

Product Code: PS1677378
EAN: 3282391036739
Seller: UK Tool Centre
SKU: 935247
Brand: Liberon


Libero Garden Colour Care Decking Paint is ideal for exterior wooden floors made from soft hard exotic smooth or grooved woods Providing 2-in-1 decoration and protection with a matt opaque finish It i ... s perfect for giving new life and colour to old and worn decking This decking paint is also washable and anti-slip With a 5 year guarantee Coverage Approx 10m² per 25 litre Application Brush or Roller Drying Time 8 hours between coats 24 hours total drying time The guarantee is limited to refunding of the product presentation of the receipt and the tin and concerns only the aspect of the paint Read More

£ 26.56 RRP

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