THE Pre Workout+ - 20servings - Sour Gummy

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THE Pre-Workout+: Ultra-Premium Pre-Workout Sharpen the mind* and fuel your workout with THE Pre-Workout+ with Phasetech™ — our most powerful pre-workout formula to date. Harnessing our new and ... exclusive PhaseTech™ delivery system, it gives the sustained boost of ingredients you need to see superior results. THE Pre-Workout+ uses a combination of fully dosed, clinically studied cutting-edge ingredients to enhance endurance performance*, keep you sharp*, and help you stay on top of your game. What are the benefits of THE Pre-Workout+? THE Pre-Workout+ is our only pre-workout that contains our PhaseTech™ time-release technology — delivering key benefits over a longer period of time to enhance training performance. Whether you’re blasting out a bodyweight circuit or trying to increase your one-rep max, it’s the formula you need to get you firing on all cylinders. THE Pre-Workout+ also includes a combination of VASO6™, alpha-GPC, huperzine, AstraGin®, and BioPerine®. These have been specially added to help push you further and break barriers — rep after rep, set after set. Plus, it comes in a range of fresh and exciting flavours including Rainbow Candy, Sour Gummy, and Orange Mango. THE Pre-Workout+: ingredient breakdown Caffeine with PhaseTech™: THE Pre-Workout+ delivers a powerful hit of 300mg of caffeine per serving, which contributes to an increase in endurance performance and helps to increase alertness. VASO6™: a new 100% natural and patented ingredient, derived from green tea extract and containing naturally high levels of specific catechins and over 90% polyphenol content. Alpha-GPC: alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline is a choline compound and is naturally found in the brain. Huperzine: huperzia is a natural compound extracted from the club moss huperzia serrata. It is typically used in traditional Chinese therapies, and is native to India and Southeast Asia. Added vitamins: THE Pre-Workout+ has a range of vitamins, including C — which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue* and contributes to the function of the immune system after working out.* Niacin: contributes to normal psychological function — helping you stay on top of your game. Our formula also contains: AstraGin®, and BioPerine® — sourced from natural plant extracts, these are popular in traditional Eastern therapies and add some seasoning to your workout. When should you take THE Pre-Workout+? It’s recommended to consume your pre-workout formula approximately 30 minutes before your workout to gain the maximum benefits. With our unique PhaseTech™ timed-release technology, you’ll sustain your maximal performance for longer.* Upgrade your gains: how to maximise results THE Pre-Workout+ is our ultra-premium pre-workout formula, helping to get you focussed on your fitness goals and break through barriers. To make sure you’re also getting the protein you need to grab those gains, add THE Whey+ — our most premium whey protein, crafted using the finest ingredients to promote muscle growth and maintenance*, with over 26g per serving. Myrange: Engineered for High Performance Specially developed and scientifically proven to boost your performance. Fuel for superior results, Myrange is the winning formula. Developed with pioneering formulations and best-in-class production, it delivers the highest-quality nutritional content. Earn reward points today Get more for your money, saving on everything from protein-packed snacks to explosive pre-workouts, and all your favourite supplements. You receive one reward point for every pound spent, so simply redeem next time you shop to stay fuelled for less. * Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue * Vitamin C contributes to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise * Caffeine helps to increase alertness * Caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance * Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass Read More

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