iBasso PB3 Mockingbird Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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Advantages of a Balanced AMPThe balanced amplifier output voltage is 2 times greater when compared to the output of a single ended amplifier.Also, output power is 4 times more than the single ended am ... plifier which allows it to drive headphones better and win more headroom.BTL structure with the patent balance circuit design.Our balanced circuits are different from other balanced amp circuits. The general Balanced Earphone Amplifier will offset the second harmonic wave, resulting in no sound charm. Although amplifying the sound field is loud and dynamic is well, but the depth of sound field disappears and the human voice becomes thin. While our PB3 enhances the depth of the sound field under the conditions of keeping all advantages of a balanced amp, which makes the vocals become fuller.The design of Op amp with buffer design ensures high current and high output power, and its maximum output power is up to 480mW.The super capacitor optimization power supply.In the design of imitating audio products, the filter of the power is the most important.The greater the capacity of the capacitor is, the better the intensity and resolution of the low-frequency.We use 1 super capacitor of our product which is equivalent to 1000 pieces 470uF electrolytic capacitor, which perfectly solves the problem of the portable products without large capacitors. At the same time, the internal resistance of this super capacitor is very small, with faster response and better dynamic performance  Read More

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