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Find construction equipment and construction supplies at Fairwayrock, selling equipment for trade.

Construction refers to the work of constructing an infrastructure or a building. This type of work is usually carried out for a client in a set location. Construction encompasses stages from the early planning, designing, financing to the building until the project has been completed. By the final stage, it will be ready for use. There are a wide range of factors that must be considered in construction, such as budgets, site safety, schedules, environmental factors and logistics. Within the construction industry, there are several different workers required to complete each project.

The three main types of employees will be general site labour workers, skilled tradesmen who have an experience and knowledge in construction and have often served apprenticeships, and technical and management employees who are trained in managing and directing the construction projects.

Construction can be a dangerous profession if site safety is not carried out correctly. It is therefore important that construction companies follow processes such as providing risk assessments, maintaining standards and equipping workers with the correct tools and PPE.

Construction building workers will need many tools for building. A mixture of hand tools, power tools and machine tools will be required. It is highly important that all construction workers on site have been trained to use their tools properly an know which personal protective equipment should be used.

An inventory of tools will be held so that companies know about the tools they own and any processes which should be put in place when in use. Some of the most important building construction tools include:

These construction tools and equipment are all available from Fairwayrock.

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