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Education is when skills, knowledge, beliefs, values, and behaviours are communicated and learned. This is taught through different methods such as training, discussion, and research. Education can take place at any age and in many different settings such as schools, colleges, workplaces and online. This can be done formally or informally. Education is often undertaken by teachers or educators however it is also possible for people to educate themselves with educational materials.

Formal education often comes in the form of schools, colleges, universities, and apprenticeships. A right to education is a recognised human right by the United Nations and in many countries is compulsory until a set age. However, education among adults and organisations is growing in popularity.

Schools are formal educational institutes offering areas for teachers to educate pupils. In most countries, primary schools are for younger children and secondary schools for older children and teenagers. Typically, there will also be pre-schools and higher education available for those learning. Schools across the globe will teach students knowledge in subjects including maths, languages, IT, physical education, as well as core skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication.

In schools, education supplies and teaching equipment are essential for effective learning. Essential school supplies include:

New trends are always emerging in education. Currently, education trends in schools include outdoor education, the digital world, student-led learning, and workforce preparation. Within workplace education, there are also trends such as reskilling and upskilling, data management, and technology and artificial intelligence integrations.

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