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Information Technology (IT) relates to computers, networks, data, and information. Computers are used to store, retrieve, transfer, and manipulate the relevant data. The computer will be built up from hardware, software, and other IT equipment. Computers are then utilized by one user or a select group of users. IT is used in almost every business operation and is a division of information and communications technology (ICT), therefore ICT equipment is applied to tasks. The scope of IT is wide, from helping with technical computing issues, to working with data.

IT technicians have the role of diagnosing computer problems, maintaining systems and software, performing tests on IT equipment, and providing IT equipment support for clients or other staff. It is also important that they also ensure the computers within an organisation are secure. Those in this role will be knowledgeable about the operation of computers.

Electronic data processing is another important function of those in the IT sector. Database management systems facilitate data storage, data retrieval, data transmission and data manipulation. Globally, extraordinary amounts of data are stored each day. However, to become useful it must be analysed and presented successfully. By analysing the growing amounts of data, organisations can gain accurate insights that were previously unavailable. They will use these insights to form and adapt their strategies. Data can be used for a range of applications such as for research, location tracking, advertising, media, and fraud detection.

IT equipment used in the sector includes:

The appropriate and relevant equipment will enable those in IT work roles to carry out their tasks efficiently.

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