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The marine industry is a critical operation globally. There are four main sectors within the marine industry – offshore, commercial, naval and leisure. With most imports and exports transported overseas, it is also a significant contributor to economies across the world. The main maritime transport types are container ships, bulk carriers, cruise ships, ocean liners, tankers, refrigerated ships, and general cargo ships.

Despite being one of the oldest industrial sectors, the marine and shipbuilding industry is still growing and developing. Navel research teams continue to expand the current capabilities of manufacturing boats and energy devices. Currently, there are trends to reduce emissions and human impact on the environment. This has influenced modern design and development across the marine industry. The industry seeks workers from a range of backgrounds such as engineering, electronics, aerospace and aeronautical, manufacturing and power systems. These roles all contribute positively to safety, the economy and the environment in the UK and beyond.

The marine industry has strict environmental, safety and nuclear regulations and legislations. For this reason, marine safety equipment and supplies are essential. Boat safety supplies include lifejackets, gas detectors, immersion suits, and offshore first aid kits. Coordination of vessels and technical assurance is also important to ensure that operations are carried out safely and in line with all regulations.

Marine infrastructures such as docks, cranes, cargo handling equipment and bollards allow the operations to run as expected. These will vary for different requirements and designs but are essential for a boat coming into the harbour, seaport or marina. Therefore, the building and operating of these are also important key areas within the marine industry.             

Marine and maritime supplies from Fairwayrock have been specially manufactured and selected by industry experts to suit the diverse requirements of the marine sector. Some of the best-selling items are the Life Jackets and gas equipment. The marine safety signs and emergency equipment cabinets are also popular.

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