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Offices are workplaces for employees used in most organisations. Employees will often be undertaking administrative work to contribute to the running of the organisation. It is common for each employee to have their own desk or workstation. Some furniture and office supplies include desks, storage and filing cabinets, office stationery, office chairs, telephones and laptops. There are also a range of office accessories available such as desk tidies, conference call microphones and TV monitors.

Offices can generally be created in any building. There will usually be offices within industrial sites. In many cases, there will still be meeting rooms and workspace areas for employees who are mostly working on manual tasks. The typical types of rooms you can expect to find in an office include workspaces for desks and individual cubicles, meeting rooms, space for filing printing and photocopying activities, and lounges. The purpose of these rooms will be to allow employees to function and work towards organisational goals.

In recent years, there have been trends to create office spaces which encourage productivity and communication. Some of the biggest recent office trends include:

However, every organisation has their own company culture and often their office space will reflect this. It is also important to think practically when designing your office and laying out office furniture and supplies. The office area must allow and support employees to perform their specific duties attached to their role.

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