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The global sports industry is vast, as it encompasses an extremely large number of activities and operations. Within the sports market, organisations are interested in producing, facilitating, promoting, and organising any venture which focuses on sporting events. As a result, there is a huge range of key players and essential organisations. In 2019, the sports industry was valued at $489 billion globally and is growing by an estimated 6% per year.

Generally, professional sport leagues and major events such as the Olympic Games are most associated with the sport industry. These events and activities are where massive profits are made and tend to have the biggest impact on the economy. But the sports industry also dives down into organisations focusing on specific areas. For example, there are brands selling exercise equipment, sports clothing and sporting goods within this sector. Also included in the industry are organisations facilitating sports through means such as logistics, infrastructure, sports marketing and sports equipment manufacturing. And within each of these examples, there are thousands of companies ranging in sizes – some local and others global. Adding these examples on to the individual sports teams, players, and coaching, you can begin to build a picture of the scale of this industry.

Worldwide, there are around 8000 sports recognised officially. The most popular sport in the world is football, with 50% of the global population claiming to be a fan of the game. In the UK, roughly 40.7% of male adults and 31.7% off female adults are involved in sports on a weekly basis.

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